Top 50 iOS7 Jailbreak Apps & Tweaks

So, I made the switch from Android to iPhone about 5 months ago and I hated many things about it. It had a lot of annoying features and lacked some of the important ones I used to use on a daily basis when I was on my Galaxy S3. Only reason I stayed with the iPhone was because I was hoping the jail break would resolve my issues with the iPhone. Now that the jailbreak has been out for couple months and having used it for few weeks, I am back in love with my phone! I still think many of these tweaks should come with the stock version of the iOS, but whatever — that’s an whole another topic! Anyways, for all those jail breakers — here is a list of tweaks and apps I have been using:

Note: All these Apps/Tweaks are compatible with iOS7 Jailbreak.

  1. Activator: This alone should be a reason to jailbreak. You can open any app or even perform actions such as locking screen, etc using many gestures. There are over 100 gestures on the phone such as — i.e. swiping on side of the iPhone, triple pressing the home button, sliding on bottom of the screen, 5 finger pinch inward, 5 finger outward pinch, 3 finger sliding etc etc.
  2. AndroidLockXT: Enables Android type lock screen with the circles and line connector. You can it’s colors as well. Also, allows you to customize when to lock your screen based on which wifi network you are connected to. For example, when I am home, no one goes on my phone. So i set it so that the lock screen password is automatically disabled when I am connected to home network.
  3. BatterySafe: With this tweak, You can set a certain percentage so that when the battery hits that number, the phone will go into battery-safe mode where it automatically disables wifi, bluetooth and other stuff. (You can pick which ones to be turned off and stuff)
  4. Barrel: (Optional): Allows you to change animations when sliding between screens.
  5. Bigify: (Optional) Allows you to customize icons (make it bigger, smaller, rotate them etc)
  6. Bloard: With this you can turn the annoying white keyboard to that slick black one. It’s easier on the eyes especially at night times.
  7. Bolt: Removes battery icon from status bar and leaves you with just the percent sign! You can even remove the percent sign! (Clean up that status bar…more apps on this later)
  8. CC Deseparator: Allows you to remove the separator lines in control center.
  9. CCClockOpenToAlarm: When you open the alarm from the control center, by default it goes to stop watch. This tweak makes it automatically go to alarm.
  10. CCHIDE: Allows you to customize and hide certain sections in control center. It even has an option so that you can hide the music center in the control center but have it visible only when the music is playing. You can finally hide the AirDrop and other the quick launch icons as well. I honestly never use it.
  11. CCToggles: Allows you to add/remove/customize any toggle icons you want in the control center. At first I was extremely happy that iOS7 incorporated the toggle buttons However, it soon became one of the things I hated on the iPhone because there was no toggle button for GPS (location services) which was the most used for me next to wifi and cellular data. With this tweak, you can finally add a GPS toggle! Also, if you like quick launches — with this you can add as many icons and anything app you want to the quick launch.
  12. ClearFolders: I am not a fan of the transclucent background in the folders. This tweak makes the folder backgrounds transparent
  13. Cloaky: Allows you to remove all the unwanted junk items from status bar, like bluetooth icon. You can also add more stuff to the menu than just the default cut, copy and paste. When you right click on photos, you now have options of assigning the picture to a contact, copying it to pasteboard etc. In Dropbox, using this app you can copy links, save images to your phone, open with other apps etc. In short, this app allows you to add more “activity options” to certain apps such as Photos, Safari etc.
  14. Couria: allows you to reply back using a bubble instead of having to switch to messages app to respond to text while you are in the middle of something.
  15. DismissMyKeyboard: How many times have you tried to hide that keyboard and when you push it down, the window scrolls up? With this tweak, just swipe the spacebar to the right and keyboard will slide away and vanish!
  16. DockShift: Allows you to change dock backgrounds.
  17. F.Lux: If you like reading a lot, you need this app. It basically changes the brightness of the screen depending on the time of the day in order to reduce the stress on your eyes. It has many options including fluorescent lights, incandescent bulbs etc.
  18. HiddenSettings7: Enables access to many spring board settings that iPhone’s default settings doesn’t permit — i.e. Animation speed, Parallax settings, Lock Screen settings, Notification Center scroll speed etc . Try it — it’s one of those apps you might or might not like it.
  19. iCleaner Pro: Removes cache, log files, history, and other junk running in the background from various apps, browsers and Cydia. Only drawback is It requires a spring reload every time you clean it up. However, the spring reload doesn’t take more than 10 seconds, so this app is totally worth it.
  20. iFile: Allows you to access files in a folder system, the way android allows you to!
  21. InstaLauncher: Allows you to open up any app you want without having to go to home screen every single time. You can access any app from anywhere now! (Using activator, I made this app open up every time I slide my finger up on left side of the screen). It even shows Recent apps and Favorites as well. Probably my favorite app!
  22. iTunes Radio Unlimited: You get unlimited skips on iTunes after installing this.
  23. PandoraSkips: Gives you unlimited skips on Pandora after installing this.
  24. LiveWeatherIcon: Gives a nice live weather icon on top of the weather icon. You don’t have to open weather app anymore to check the weather. (This drains battery though, so be careful)
  25. Messages Customiser (Optional): Customize the colors of messages’s background, ams bubbles, iMessage bubbles, text colors etc etc.
  26. MultiIconMover: How many times have you tried to move icons between screens and got frustrated because the smartphone (be it Android or iPhone) only allows you to move one icon at a time? As the name implies, this tweak allows you to move multiple icons at the same time. Big Time Saver. 1) Just press and hold an icon that you want to move. 2) Select all the other app icons you want to move. 3) Go to the screen to you want the icons to move to and press the home button. All the selected apps will have moved to that screen!
  27. MultiTasking Gestures: This app allows you to swipe between apps. It also allows you to close an app by swiping it up from the bottom. You don’t to have to open all apps in order to switch between apps or close apps anymore. Only thing I don’t like about this is, it puts the control center in notification center, but it’s something you can get used to after a while. I personally don’t use this app because of how it moves the control center away. If it wasn’t for that, this app is a must!!
  28. NCALLOnly: I hate the notification bar personally. This one allows you to customize and keep what you want and remove what you don’t want in the notification center. I removed every single thing except for missed view. I wish I could just remove the entire notification bar itself permanently, but there is no tweak for that YET!
  29. NoBlur: With this tweak, you can remove the annoying blur on the lock screen when you get notifications. You will see a difference on your eye strain after installing it! 
  30. NoNewsIsGoodNews: Removes the newsstand icon.
  31. NoSlowAnimations: Pretty self explanatory. One of the things I wasn’t a fan of on iOS7 was the slow animations. Install this and turn on reduce motion in settings and all the stupid animations on iOS7 are gone. Makes the iPhone super fast seriously!
  32. NoteCreater: Install this and have it open with a gesture using Activator. You can create notes from anywhere without having to open Notes app every time.
  33. Open In App For Photos: Allows you to add photos using other applications installed than just the default ones iOS provides such as whatsapp, kik etc.
  34. OneByOne Contacts: On default iOS7, to delete a contact, you have to 1) Find the person in contacts. 2) Click on his or her name. 3) Click edit. 4) Scroll to the bottom. 5) Press delete contact. Instead of all this, with this tweak, now you can remove contacts by swiping on the name to the left.
  35. PadClock: I hate the scrolling thing to set alarm times on iPhone. Using this tweak, you can quickly type in the time using a number pad. Super quick seriously!
  36. Phantom: Tweak your snapchat. The snaps you get will never go away. You can download the snaps to your phone as well. No more constraints on how much text you can type. You can change text color as well. etc etc.
  37. Plugication: With this tweak, when you plug headphones into phone, music automatically plays and when you remove the headphones, the music will automatically stop.
  38. Poof: Allows you to hide all the junk apps that your phone comes with that you don’t use.
  39. RecordMyScreen: Allows you to record what you do on the screen. Very nice app!
  40. SearchLoader: With this tweak, you can select what to be able to search in the spot light and what not to search! Makes it so easy to find an old email and stuff. Super useful!
  41. Sicarius: Allows you to quit all apps at once instead of having to close each app every time. You can also close individual apps as well if you want to. Both options are available simultaneously!
  42. Simplock: Removes the ugly swipe to unlock text on lock screen
  43. SpotDefine: You can use the spotlight on iOS7 as dictionary using this tweak!
  44. StatusHUD 2: When you try to change the volume on the iPhone, you get this ugly white volume icon that covers up the entire screen. This removes the ugly volume bar thing in middle of the screen that blocks everything you are looking at on screen and puts it on status bar. Its very slick!
  45. SwipeSelection: I always hated moving the cursor to a specific spot when typing on smart phones — be it iPhone or Android. You have to press and hold for a second and then swipe it to the left or right. This tweak is a must if you hate it. It allows you to just roll your fingers to wherever you want — use it to see what I mean. It is super slick as well.
  46. Tabless: Removes the “All” “Today” and all the other tabs in notification bar!
  47. TapTapFolder: For people who use folders — do you have that one app that you constantly use in a folder, but you have to open up the folder every time to open that app? With this tweak, if you tap your folder once, the first app in the folder opens up. To open the folder itself, just double tap the folder!
  48. ToneEnabler: Download custom ringtones directly to your phone from 3rd party apps or online sites and use it for ringtones. iOS7 doesn’t let you do that by default.
  49. UnlimTones: An App that has many ringtones that you can download from! Kind of like Zedge!
  50. Zeppelin: Allows you to remove the carrier logo on status bar (i.e. AT&T, T-mobile, Sprint etc etc)

5 thoughts on “Top 50 iOS7 Jailbreak Apps & Tweaks

  1. Tabless actually DOESN’T remove the “all” or “today” in notification center.Thats what “NC All Only” does. It just removes grabbers on lockscreen only. But other than that, this was a very helpful list. Thanks for taking the time to make it.


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